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Tags: California workers compensation reform, controversy mental health workers comp, coverage mental stress claims, mental physical workers comp claims                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 What You Should Know about Workers Comp Transportation Services:
Monitoring and managing workers’ comp transportation expenses can drastically improve the claim expense cost, especially on larger work comp claims. Unfortunately, claims adjusters and/or nurse case managers often overlook this important expense, thinking to save money by not using a transportation service. Skimping is not an option and here’s why.
Controlling transportation expense is more than calling for a taxicab for the employee to get to the doctor or writing the employee a check for personal automobile mileage.
When the employee is physically unable to travel unassisted or does not have access to transportation and will have multiple visits to the treating physician or other medical providers, a transportation company specializing in workers’ compensation claims is needed. Services of a transportation company are arranged by the adjuster or nurse case manager, not by the employee.   The selection of a transportation company is based on the company's ability to provide safe and reliable transport service whenever needed.
A full service transportation company saves the claims office a lot time, since the adjuster or the nurse case manager can spend a tremendous amount of time coordinating employee transportation needs. Often employees reschedule doctor appointments for their own convenience and the transportation must be scheduled all over again. Or worse, employees “forget” their medical appointment and are not ready to go when the transportation arrives, knowing the doctor will not see them if they are very late arriving.  
Experienced work comp adjusters know the more subjective the employee's injuries are the higher probability they will miss their medical appointments, cancel medical appointments or reschedule them without advising the adjuster.
This professional transportation company will:

1.     Schedule the transportation with the employee as soon as they are notified of the medical appointment.

2.     Contact the employee the day before the medical appointment to confirm the pick-up time and the return home time.

3.     Contact the employee the day of the appointment before they leave their business location to confirm the appointment is still the same.

4.     Notify the claims office if there are any changes in the scheduled medical appointment, or if the medical appointment is missed by the employee.

5.     Provide the adjuster or nurse case manager with a documented trip history as to their departure time from their business location, the time they picked up the employee, the time the employee arrived at the medical location, and the time they delivered the employee back to the employee's residence.

While automobiles are the most common mode of transportation for injured employees, other modes of transportation are occasionally needed for the severely injured.
In addition to saving the claims office considerable amounts of time, the professional transportation company also saves the claims office money $$. The employee has no incentive to locate the best price for transportation, as the employee is not paying for it. Also, the employee is not concerned about the cost for missed appointments. By the claims office controlling the transportation needs of the employee, the transportation cost is properly managed.

Tags: California workers compensation reform, controversy mental health, workers comp, coverage mental stress claims, mental physical workers comp claims
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